re:member kreditkort/creditcard

Just got a heads up from our sedish friends (the only ay for those poor bastards to afford a pair of decent rims seems to be with a creditcard)

"Re:member kreditkort har nu äntligen kommit till Sverige, ett sätt att kanske få råd med några shyssta fälgar och rims till våren? ;)"

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New hot swedish site about rims

Just stumbled on this site, (sorry, only in swedish) but definitly worth a visit!


Lexani on 27" !!!!

Luxury cruisers beware, here are the new major players on the dub scene, the Lexani Phantom available up to 27"!

Korn metalmusic and pimp dubs

Head from the musicgroup Korn has a taste for the big things in life no doubt, just check out this mad Hummer H2 blinged with 22" Vertec rims!


Dubs on the dictionary

This is what some of the stuff says about the word "dubs".

"Slang for 20", 22", 24", & 26" common-size rims. 20"-22" rims most preferred on full size cars, mainly "ghetto-beaters" or a low-budget vehicle with wheel modifications.

These are commonly older luxury vehicles consisting of 1980's-1990's Era Oldsmobile Delta 88's, Cadillac DeVilles, Chevrolet Impalas, and many more models. As for 22" and above rims are the higher class, more expensive source of style. Most of these styles are preferred on a Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, or any other kind of luxury sports utility vehicle. A newer style of rims, "Spinners", commonly called are large upper-scale rims with a ball bearing type of action, with what appears to be another fascia attachment.

It uses very little friction and are usually manufactured with near-perfect balance. These use centrifugal force to continue spinning, even after braking to a complete stop. This may be attractive to many urban crowds."

More, Lexani Mistik

A new shot from the very nice set om dubs from Lexani, the Mistik.

Big ways.



Call a spade a spade. The people’s champ Paul Wall is Houston’s ambassador of parkin’-lot pimpin’. Still, Mike Jones, who put the country onto “tippin’ on 4-4s” (if you need clarity on that pharse at this point, perhaps Cosmopolitan would be a better rag for you), is also a connoisseur of Houston’s car culture. “It’s so hot down here, everybody likes to shine,” says Jones of his town’s infatuation with steel on wheels. “Then you got the diamonds everywhere, and the grills. It’s the show-me state just like St. Louis” [Missouri]. With Houston hosting this year’s NBA All-Star game, many ballers will be taking flight, showing off their verticals at the Rockets’ Toyota Center. But Mike Jones, whose sophomore LP American Dream delivers more reality rap and country car jargon, promises equally exciting four-wheel, gravity-defying tricks on Screwston streets.

RIDES Car culture is huge down in Houston. Is it safe to assume that you had it bad for fly rides ever since your Hot Wheels days?
MIKE JONES Everybody wanted to have a hot car when they were growing up. I just wanted something to go from point A to B, no matter what it was. But as I started
making more money I started liking more and more types of cars.

I’m sure you’ve had quite a few big boy toys, before and after the fame. Give us a rundown of the Mike Jones Greatest Whips Collection.
My first car was a [Buick] LeSabre. It had a nice little paint job on it, but I went from that to the Lincoln Town Car on some 22-inch hundred spokes. It was clean. Then I went to the ‘94 Impala SS, then I went to the truck, then I went to the Bimmer. Now I’m looking at the Hummer, I’m looking at the 6-Series and I’m looking at either a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. I love the cars, man.

Between the candy paint, neon lights and pop trunks, H-Town cars are more noticeable than Yao at a midget meet-and-greet.
In some states when it’s hot people don’t come outside, but down here when it’s hot that’s the perfect time to pull out the candy red, the candy blue and the candy orange cars.

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Z09 Sabini Black from Zinik Wheels!

Very nice new black and chrome wheels from Zinik!

These stunning wheels are comming in sizes 17"-24" and have a very nice black finish on them! Made for SUV/Trucks and cars!

Dope R/C Cars from Dropstars!

For you who still havn't seen the dope mini-rides from Dropstar here's a sweet picture! Nice to see some sweet rims on that R/C! The cars are a co-lab from Dropstars, Hot Wheels and Tyco

G Unit, New blood and rocking it!

G Unit’s newest members, Havoc and prodigy, got a sweet set of twins courtesy of 50 cent.

Story matt barone /// Photography david yellen

Thus, the 13-year career of these Queensbridge legends has been far from RIDES on wax. “We’ve always rapped from the perspective of kids on the block,” reasons Albert “Prodigy” Johnson. “Niggas on the corner aren’t driving around in fancy cars. They’re doing dirt to get that.”

Leave it to empire-in-the-flesh 50 Cent to alter one’s modest mindset. Inducting Havoc and P into his G-Unit Familia in mid-2005, Fif (as the Mobb often refers to him) turned St. Nick, copping them twin silver Porsche Turbo S roadsters. “These cats move with major money, so it was nothing for Fif,” says Kejuan “Havoc” Muchita, who also owns a GT3 Porsche, a Range Rover and a G500. “For us, it was unbelievable. It just proved to us that this G-Unit move was destiny.” Mobb faithful, breathe easy. The newfound Guerillas promise that their upcoming seventh album—their first on G-Unit Records—Blood Money, will remain genuinely raw. Affirms Prodigy, “We just have more paper and power now to get [our music] heard.” Not to mention Fif and his eye-popping whip-gifts for the TRL crowd.

RIDES: It’s no secret that Boss Fif bought the Mobb matching Porsche Turbos as a G-Unit signing bonus. So, are you guys missing Jive Records yet?

[laughs] People probably thought we’d feel sad about that Jive situation. Really, we were jumping for joy, and a day later, 50 called Havoc and told him that he wanted to sign us. Like a few weeks after that, Fif was like, “I got a surprise for y’all. I got you some Porsches.” Just as a bonus, non-recoupable. Just to welcome us into the family. He was like, “P, I want people to see the difference now.”

One big difference is the Porsches’ stick shift control. Were your skills already up to stick shift?

Prodigy: Well, neither one of us knew how to drive stick, so I had to learn that same day. My little cousin showed me how in this hooptie the day before I got the Porsche. It took me like a half hour, because I know how to ride motorcycles.
Havoc: The first day, it was hard, but by the third day, I had it down. I was learning in the Porsche, so people were like, “Why are you using that car? You’ll mess up the clutch.” I didn’t mess anything up, though.

Hav, where is your Turbo? Word on the street is that you experienced a fender-bender with the quickness.

Havoc: It was some real freak shit. I was in Queens, waiting for a light to change.
I was like five cars behind the light, and traffic was coming in back of us. There was this van directly in my lane, and I was looking in my rear-view. The van was speeding up, getting closer and closer. There was nowhere for me to merk off, so I was assed out. It crashed into my back doing like 30 mph.

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Chris Paul balling NBA style

Chris paul is money on the hardwood. on the asphalt, however, he balls on a budget.

Story Justin Monroe /// Photography Jack Thompson

Chris Paul has everything under control. The 5’11, 20-year-old rookie point guard from Lewisville, North Carolina became a millionaire when the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets selected him fourth overall in the 2005 NBA draft. Since then, you haven’t read about the former Wake Forest star wrapping a bank-breaking Lamborghini Murcielago around a light pole, or buying ten Hummers to transport an army-like entourage.

The only time you’ll find Paul speeding is when he’s beating opponents to the basket. He sprinkles the court with dimes, but he’s thriftily bought only three cars—a 2006 BMW 750 Li, a 005 Cadillac Escalade that he and his brother C.J. share in Edmond, Oklahoma, and a Chrysler 300 with a Bentley-esque grille, which he gave to his mother for Christmas.

Several months into his first season, hardworking Paul is the frontrunner for the Rookie of the Year award, but the only time he resembles a rookie is when you examine his fleet of cars, if you can call them that. An admitted novice in the car game, league veterans are teaching the frosh how to get his vehicle stable on point.

Let’s get right to the probing questions—what crazy perks did the coaches and boosters at Wake Forest offer you? A Porsche? A Ferrari?
Nothing. God’s honest truth. At my school, none of that was going on. I heard some unbelievable stories, like, some guys [at other colleges] have gotten cars, checks regularly and all that. If you saw me in college, you knew I was getting no money. I got a Jeep Grand Cherokee after my freshman year, my family still got it. It’s kind of beat up.

You were drafted and suddenly you’re guaranteed millions. What was the first ride you bought?
The BMW 750 Li. To tell you the truth, at first I wanted the 760 Li, but then I saw the price tag. It’s a $120,000 [car] and it had the V12 engine. So I was like, I’m going to get the 750 because it’s the same body, same make; it’s just the engine is different.

Did you go nuts with customizations?
I put my “CP3” [initials] in the headrest and I got some rims, some 22-inch Asantis. Adam Wolfe at Dreamworks Motorsports in Roxboro, NC (See Custom Car Shop on pg. 129), does everything for my cars. I just wanted to keep it simple and kind of classy.

To Read The Rest Of This Story, Get This Issue At Your Local Newsstand Now! To Receive 8 issues of RIDES for $8, Click Here!

Strut Icon wheels!

20” 22” from Strutware

Story Jack Chinelli /// Photography Adrian Mueller

For the jealous girlfriend who thinks you love ya whip more than her, a light blue Tiffany’s box will work wonders—but your ride has feelings, too. So, peep Strut’s new addition to their automotive jewlery collection—rims.

Fresh from SEMA is Strut’s high-end wheel line, including the Icon wheel, which is elegantly structured from three pieces and made of forged aluminum. Bolted together with forty precision made rivets, it boasts a five-spoke design (Any OG will tell you five is the magic number for wheel design).

The Strut Icon is the largest piece of jewelry you’ll own, it’s only available in 20 and 22-inches and depending on application will boast a puckering lip from 2.5 to 5.5
inches wide. Among the dozens of pimp rides laced in Strut decadence are Snoop’s 300C and NBA star Marcus Camby’s H2. Fine jewelry on an automobile is more pricey than you’d expect. A set of four Strut Icon wheels runs $10,000 in chrome, satin, and of course this years’ hot trend—color matched.

With two loves in your life, which one will you bling out? We say go with the one people see you with more...or the one that always rides for you.

Lexani Mistik wheel with spikes!

Freshest rims from Lexani, these rims can be combined for ever with unlimited colors!
Available in 18", 20", 22", 24", a must have!

All about dubs!

A dub is a wheel or rim that is 20" in size (The term "dub" was derived as a slang term for twenty, from "double dime" or two tens.) Some can be chrome or polished aluminum-alloy. "Dub two"'s are 22" wheels or rims styled similar to standard "dubs". "Dub fo"'s are 24" wheels or rims styled similar to "Dub two"'s" or standard "dubs". Rims that are below 20 inches in diameter are aptly referred to as "sub-dubs".

In recent years, the term "Dub two"'s has been replaced with the terms "dub deuces" and "double deuces".

Recently the term "Dub" has also been used to refer to Volks-Wagen cars, mainly in the sport-tuner category. It comes from shortening Volks-Wagen to VW, then to just pronouncing VW "Vee-Dub", then finally just letting go of "Vee" and calling the cars "Dubs".

DUB, a popular magazine franchise, takes its name from the term, and as a result covers material pertaining to (chiefly urban) vehicles and the people that own them. The magazine features many celebrities and their vehicles, and has recently teamed with Rockstar Games to make the third and latest edition of the Midnight Club racing video game series.